Agate Beach Engagement

engaged couple on agate beach embrace

Exploring Agate Beach for the Perfect Engagement Photos

Izamar and Nick wanted their engagement photos to represent who they are as a couple – bold, adventurous, and full of excitement. They were looking for a location that could capture their love and joy as well as the beauty of Northern California’s coast. The couple chose Sue-Meg State Park in Trinidad, California, and they couldn’t have been more pleased with the results! Let’s take a look at how this stunning coastline provided the perfect backdrop for their engagement photos.

Location: Sue-Meg State Park in Trinidad, California

Session Type: Beach Engagement

Month: August

Dogs (not) Allowed: No pups per CA State Park wildlife protection regulations

engaged couple sue-meg state park california wedding rock agate beach engagement

A Fun Adventure
Izamar and Nick had an absolute blast during their adventure to Agate Beach. They explored Sue-Meg State Park while collecting agates along the way. It was truly an unforgettable experience! We captured them playing on the beach, walking along the water, finding secret spots to explore, and having all kinds of fun together. These two were so natural in front of our cameras; it felt like we were just documenting their day-to-day life.

engaged couple on agate beach engagement

Golden Hour Magic
The golden light near sunset was absolutely magical at Agate Beach! As a photographer, I was in heaven! The warm tones of reds, oranges, and yellows provided such beautiful contrast against Izamar and Nick’s outfits. Plus, there was a golden sea mist that created an ethereal vibe that we worked hard to capture in every single shot—and I think we succeeded!

engaged couple agate beach engagement

The Perfect Photos
Capturing your joy is my top priority when shooting engagement photos—and Izamar and Nick made my job easy! Not only did they come with plenty of ideas for poses but they also trusted me to use my creative eye to create something unique for them. At the end of the session, we had hundreds of beautiful images showcasing how perfect these two are together—both on land and at sea!

engaged couple on wedding rock embrace  agate beach engagement

At the End of the Day…
Agate Beach proved to be the most perfect spot for Izamar and Nick’s engagement photos! From exploring Sue-Meg State Park together to capturing golden hour magic at sunset, it was truly an amazing experience—one that they will forever remember thanks to these gorgeous photographs. If you’re looking for a special place with stunning landscapes where you can document this special time in your relationship journey together then look no further than Humboldt County’s Agate Beach! Learn more about my experience growing up among the redwoods and contact me today if you have any questions or would like help planning your own couples engagement shoot. Here’s to capturing your joy – cheers!



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