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I'm Sierra, a professional photographer and multi-passionate creative specializing in weddings, elopements, boudoir, climbing, and outdoor adventure. As a photographer, my passion lies in capturing the joy and complex emotion in a life lived in the great outdoors.

Whether you're celebrating your marriage to your best friend, popping the question, embarking on a thrilling climbing expedition, or hiking alongside your beloved family and friends, I'm thrilled to share in the joy of exploration and immortalize these moments for a lifetime.



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Adventure time

Mammoth Lakes, CA

Spring - I love dahlias

Intriguing stories

"She has a unique eye for lighting and ways to connect with the subject to make them feel confident and comfortable."

- katrina

"now I have gorgeous photos that make me feel confident and sexy!! Do yourself a favor and hire Sierra right now!!"

- Emma

"Sierra is great to work with... She has a knack for bringing out people's inner glow and capturing the perfect golden lighting."

- Bridget

The Long Story

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My love of photography began in my early years learning from my grandfather and developed into a passion pursuit when I began rock climbing and started shooting weddings and outdoor adventures. I am particularly interested in storytelling and capturing “the moments in between” - the candid moments of pure emotion and experience that happen when we forget we're being observed.

I graduated from Humboldt State University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in cultural anthropology, specializing in visual anthropology and social technology. My research explored the impacts of social media use on culture shift in the rock climbing community and outdoor recreation industry.

I enjoy many forms of art and creative expression and have worked professionally as a classical singer on the east coast, crab fisherwoman off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, seamstress and costume designer around the country, a natural resources professional at Sue'meg State Park, and a social dance instructor in my local communities.

My clients include couples, individuals, families, climbers and athletes, outdoor and environmentally-minded brands, bands and musicians, and companies.

I enjoy experimenting with storytelling methods and am fascinated by the intricate details of life lived by the individual and the collective. I love to ask questions, observe dynamics, and listen to people's stories.

I aspire to capture emotional and internal moments with unique and mostly natural lighting in a fine art style. My goal is to integrate myself into your world and capture your unique experience.

My Style

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I am from the far northern coast of California and grew up exploring the redwood forests and rocky coastlines of Humboldt County. I love to travel, explore, and get to know new places and people. 

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Sierra Farquhar

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